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Labels have been our business for over 80 years, so you can rely on our expertise in label design, label printing, label manufacturing, label testing and label application. When you work with Paris Art Label you will experience an unparalleled level of customer service. Our strategic solutions help you to save without sacrificing quality, to stand out with maximum eye appeal and to endure in today’s challenging physical and business environments.

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Innovative printing and labeling solutions for a range of products


Label Printing

Our high-speed color presses can print on a variety of different materials including plastic, cellophane, metallic films, paper, and non-porous materials that are perfect for all types of packaging.

Peel & Seal
Paris Art Label combines high performance films with custom flexible and rigid label designs to create a unique user-friendly package that consumers love.
Extended Content Labels (ECL)
Extended content labels from Paris Art Labels allow brands to add ingredient and usage information or drug fact panels, while reducing the need for additional packaging.
We can print any coupon format you need including extended tab and ones that come in direct contact with food.
Plow Folds
This ECL style is ideally suited for placing product information, rebates, and manufacturer's coupons of small or uniquely-shaped product containers. These labels can be perforated for easy removal of the coupon by the customer.
Varnishes & Lacquers
Used to add a hard, clear, protective surface to materials, making them more durable and attractive.
Pressure Sensitive
Pressure Sensitive labels are an excellent choice for almost any product, and work especially well on contoured and squeezable containers. Pressure Sensitive labels are an optimal choice for products in the food, beverage, wine and spirits, household chemicals, and automotive industries.
Shrink Sleeves
Custom labels with 360-degree designs that adhere to the unique shape of your container.  Whether it’s full body shrink sleeve labels, tamper evident bands, multi-pack/bonus packages or promotional shrink bands, we can provide you with the best packaging for your products.
Drug Facts
It’s important that your label meets the latest laws and regulations for drug labels. The Paris Art Label team stays on top of regulatory changes to ensure all our products meet these requirements.
Lamination improves the strength, stability, insulation and appearance of different materials.
Die Cutting
Paris Art Label can help you design and create the right packaging to help your products shine. We have the extensive folding, cutting, and assembly capabilities to take your ideas and turn them into successful and attractive packages.
Cold Foil
Using cold foil allows for faster production speeds compared to heat-seal products. It also protects temperature-sensitive products such as chocolate.

Digital Printing

Our digital printing process produces label products with consistently vibrant colors and precise details. Variable imaging gives the ability to edit or personalize each image on an item-by-item basis for one-to-one marketing initiatives. Reduce costs and waste by printing only what you need when you need it. Fast turnaround decreases your time to market.

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Digital Printing Capabilities

Silk Screening

Screen printing is more versatile than most printing techniques. Since the surface does not have to be printed under pressure, a variety of materials can be used that can vary in type, size, shape, and thickness.

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Silk Screening


Our letterpress printers create crisp, clean lines and bold images using high-pigment-level ink, making the images and typography sharp. The raised image created by Letterpress can be re-inked and used again to make multiple copies of the same picture or text.

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