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In today’s world where brand image is everything; no matter what market you are in you need your product to stand out from the rest. Eye appeal is buy appeal and we work with leading brands to find the most effective printing and packaging solutions to turn their products into success stories.

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Nail Polish Product Wrap by Paris Art Label

Food & Beverage

Shelf space is at a premium in grocery stores today and your packaging needs to be seen while expressing both the value and quality of your brand. As packaging evolves labeling needs to change with it. Squeeze bottles, containers made of new materials, and other variables mean new challenges in the labeling world and we are ready to tackle them head-on.

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Food and Beverage Labels


In the automotive industry it is critical that labels are removable and easy to write on. Paris Art Label has extensively tested these products and we can recommend the option that best suits your needs.

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Automotive Labels

Cosmetics & Fragrance

When selling a product designed to make the customer look good, you want to make sure that the packaging looks good too. We have worked with a variety of industry leaders to create unique solutions that have wowed our customers — and theirs.

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Cosmetics and Fragrance Labels

Household Products

Household products need to be durable; not only do they need to withstand the rigors of everyday use, but they need to hold up against the contents inside. Labels for these products are no different - attractive, informative and durable.

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Household Products Labels

Personal Products

Multipacks, technically advanced printing, and finishing techniques are just a few of the options offered by Paris Art Label. Let us design the label you want on the packaging you need.

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Personal Products Labels

OTC Health

OTC products are faced with ever changing regulations and requirements. Paris Art Label will work with your team to create the best packaging for your OTC products that also meets the current regulations and laws.

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Over the Counter OTC Health

Wine & Spirits

Wine packaging has a unique set of requirements in order to meet temperature, moisture and safety standards. Paris Art Label offers innovative solutions to meet these requirements and create packaging that is both functional and attractive.

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Wine and Spirits Labels